Finca Las Morenas

Off-grid living

The main house and guest casita are completely off-grid with all our electricity generated by our newly-installed solar panels.

Heating and cooking appliances run on propane gas from a large tank on the property.

We have our own well and all rainwater is collected from the roof of the main house and guest accommodation.  


At Finca las Morenas we make every effort to ensure that we are doing as much as possible to conserve resources and be as energy efficient as possible, without compromising on comfort.

We have used local labour to complete all of the work on the house, using sustainable and recycled materials in the refurbishment of the accommodation.


Energy-saving features

  • all electricity is generated by solar power
  • wool insulation in interior
  • cork insulation on the exterior
  • LED lighting used throughout
  • A & A+ rated appliances

Water-saving features

  • rainwater harvesting
  • grey water recycling for garden
  • low flo water-saving ecosmart taps
  • Nebia water-saving showers
  • half-flush toilets
  • drought-tolerant planting
  • native plant species
  • organic gardening practices


  • recycling of all paper, glass, metal and plastic
  • use of reclaimed materials and furniture wherever possible

We actively promote rural tourism and encourage our guests to use local shops and restaurants in our village.

Tourism Licence Code (CTC)



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