Finca Las Morenas


Due to the relative height of the mountains in the Park, there is ample rainfall – mostly during winter and spring – to support the forest of pine, fir and oak which covers much of the area.  Aleppo, Maritime and Umbrella Pine are common, particularly in the drier areas and give the landscape its vibrant green colour all year round.

Evergreen Oak forest would be the climax vegetation cover for much of Southern Spain and there is a concerted effort being made by the Forestry Department of the Junta de Andalucía to replant areas of pine with oak over the longer term.  Holm, Gall and Cork Oaks are found wherever the soil conditions suit the different species.  Other trees include Chestnuts in the more moist sheltered areas; Ash usually by stream beds; Carob up to 1000m on the hotter, drier slopes; Wild Olive; Strawberry Tree and, of course, the Spanish Fir at higher levels.

Beneath the trees and forming much of the vegetation on open, uncultivated ground can be found some of the most species-rich plant communities in the whole of Europe.  The influence of the Atlantic, North African and Western Mediterranean floristic elements has resulted in a great diversity of plant species – over 1,000 of which are endemic to Andalucía.  Common plant families represented in the Park include Cistus; Pistacia; Rhamnus; Daphne; Cytisus; Chamaerops; Juniper; Genista; Rosmarinus; Lavandula and many more.